Welcome to Tornex Sliding Door Systems, Australia

Cavity slider doors for homes, apartments and work spaces all over Australia. The quintessential elements in interior home or office design are functionality, creativity, fine quality and the ability to maximize the increasingly more valuable, yet ironically limited, precious ‘space’.  Therefore, in response to the critical need for architects, interior designers, builders and the ‘client’ to find the perfect balance between all these elements – Tornex Sliding Door Systems is proud to offer a high quality yet ingeniously simple solution with complete support and fast, easy installation.

We offer an almost limitless array of cavity sliding doors and top hung ceiling mounted track systems for almost any application.  Whether as an internal sliding door between rooms, a sliding wall in an office or a frosted frameless glass cavity sliding door for an ensuite, a Tornex Sliding Door System is sure to accentuate the style and character to any modern home or office.

As an innovative company, we pride ourselves as being creative by nature, perfectionists by practice and hard-working by choice.  As a result of this winning attitude, we are excited to introduce a unique soft closing feature to our ‘signature’ cavity sliding door systems, further enhancing its already effortless sliding action.

The team at Tornex is always available to assist with any enquiry regarding your sliding door requirements.  You can rest assured that by becoming the single link from the point of design through to delivery, from the ground level through the penthouse, we will aspire to work with you in order to achieve a mutually gratifying result…every time.